How To Turn Your Logo Into An LED Neon Sign

How To Turn Your Logo Into An LED Neon Sign

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the exciting process of turning your logo into a mesmerizing LED neon sign. Whether you're a business owner, event planner, or a home decor enthusiast, our custom LED neon signs are designed to bring joy and personality to any space. Let's dive into the steps to create your very own custom LED neon sign.

Step 1: To get started, head over to our 'Get a Quote' page. Here, you'll find a form where you can upload your logo and provide us with all the necessary details to create your custom LED neon sign.

Step 2: Customization is the heart of our LED neon sign creation process. You have the power to personalize every aspect of your neon sign. Select from the following options:

a) Explore our neon color chart featuring 22 vibrant colors. Pick one or multiple colors to perfectly match your brand or decor.

The Neon Haus Color Chart

b) Choose from three distinctive acrylic backing shapes – cut-to-shape, flexi cut to letter, or rectangle cut, to complement the aesthetics of your logo.

c) Select from black, white, or clear acrylic with the option to add a unique UV printed design for an added touch of personalization.

d) Decide on your preferred fixture kit, such as spaced wall screws, standard wall screws, or a hanging wire to securely mount your neon sign.

Step 3: For an enhanced experience, consider upgrading to RGB technology. This feature allows you to change the color of your sign at your convenience using a handy remote. An additional $100 will unlock this dynamic feature for your neon sign.

Step 4: Within 24 hours of submitting your form, one of our friendly team members will be in touch with a fully customised neon design and quote. Review the mockup carefully and let your neon rep know if any adjustments are required. We're here to ensure your satisfaction.

Step 5: Once you are happy with your neon design, your neon rep will send you an invoice for full up-front payment. Rest assured that we only use industry-leading materials and technology to create your masterpiece.

Step 6: With payment received, our skilled team will get to work handcrafting your custom LED neon sign. Upon completion, we will ship your sign with our trusted partner, DHL. You will receive an SMS from DHL and an email from your neon rep with your tracking number.

We understand your eagerness to receive your custom neon sign. That's why our dedicated team works tirelessly to have your sign produced, shipped, and delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Congratulations! You've successfully turned your logo into a stunning LED neon sign with The Neon Haus. We look forward to bringing your logo to light and transforming your space.

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